Answers to a question for those who don’t know me well.

be not afraid

I have been asked a legitimate question from a few people that don’t know me very well. They have asked. “Why now? Why is she doing this now?” Here’s a quick synopsis. During my teenage years I was sad, filled with hopelessness, angry, frustrated, and there were very few that I let into my life. I was guarded, keeping thick walls of protection around my heart. I never spoke of my past. It was too frightening.
When I turned 19 I took missionary discussion and slowly realized that not all people are bad. I finally connected the reason why there were some people that seemed to glow. They glowed because they were active (not just in name) but lived their religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I slowly opened my heart to the idea of love. With that strength behind me I started to talk. And have been trying, though there have been times when I thought there was nothing else I could do, I have been trying to convict my step-father and keep others safe. For the last 25 years.
I have talked with law enforcement and attorneys who have suggested the idea of putting pressure on them through social media. It is a long expensive process to get permission to go into another state and investigate without being invited to do so by the local law enforcement.
I now have evidence on what I am saying is true. And I felt ok with sharing my experiences now because of all these reasons. My greatest hope is that on this journey I can build and uplift those who feel like the darkness will never end. It has for me, even when it felt suffocatingly overwhelming. My hope is to build friendships and bonds that will reach across state lines and into the hearts of those in Oklahoma who can do something to rectify this horrid man’s actions and ease the hearts of all those whom have lost loved ones because of him.
My thanks to all my new friends and those who have been there for me for years!