20 Day Mind Challenge

Minds are like flowers they only bloom when they are open.It seems there is so much unhappiness in the questions I am being asked I thought this week we could do an experiment together.  A 20-day-mind challenge.  We have so much power within us to do good and feel happiness that I’m issuing a challenge for us all.  Have an open mind to this and I promise you will feel a difference with just this simple thing.  Tell yourself 20 things you are thankful for every morning. (mark a square in the chart below for each thing you thought of) No matter how small.  Even if it’s the airconditioned house you live in. The Birds chirping.  Tell yourself how thankful you are and list 20 things to yourself.

happinessThe reason for the chart (chart below) is it truly does help to see evidence of what is happening to you.  When each day you only change 1% it is hard to see the results over a period of time.  But remember if you change 1% every day in 100 days you will have changed 100% of a bad habit.  Being unhappy is a habit we all fall into.   The chart is below, keep track I promise you will be amazed at the results.  At the end of each day mark on the scale from 1-10 if you were happier throughout the day.  At the end of 20 days, you’ll have a habit you can choose to continue.  Remember our minds are not set up to feel two conflicting emotions at one time.  You cannot feel happiness and anger at the very same time.  Which one will you choose?  Here is a wonderful story from my brother-in-law that proves the power we have within us and the peace we can radiate not only to ourselves but to others.



Jeff’s account of New York Black Out.

“Some of you may know that I was in New York City this past weekend performing with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras at Carnegie Hall. It was an amazing experience and one I hope I never forget.


Because all 5 locales (Arizona, California, Idaho, Texas, and Utah) were present, we had to split the performance into three casts of about 1100 singers and performers in each cast. Each cast was scheduled to perform in one of three concerts. One on Friday evening which my group performed in. One on Saturday afternoon, and finally one on Saturday evening. The first two concerts went off without a hitch. It was incredible to perform in that great hall where so many incredible and talented musicians have performed for well over a hundred years. Then came the great blackout of 2019 where most of Manhattan went dark for about 5 hours.

It happened just minutes before the final cast was set to perform. My wife and I were on our way to watch that final performance when things went dark. As we approached Carnegie, I could hear this incredibly beautiful music resonating off the buildings of Midtown. When we turned the corner onto 56th Street and 7th Ave, we were met with this incredible scene. The choir had to evacuate the hall, so as not to be denied, they performed a few numbers out on the street at Carnegie. I, like thousands of others,+ was drawn in and began filming and listening.


choirThe sun was just setting on Manhattan-henge as one of our conductors called it, and the music was serene. Juxtapose that with the sirens of emergency vehicles cruising past and the whole scene was this surreal mix of chaos and beauty. If I live to be a hundred I don’t know if I will ever experience something quite so beautiful as this. And contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are wonderful folks. The last time this happened in 1977 there was mass rioting, chaos, and looting with over 4,000 arrests. This time, all was calm, people were helping each other. Ordinary citizens were in the middle of intersections directing traffic. Everyone had come out of their buildings and down onto the streets and just made the best of it considering it was July in New York City without air-conditioning! Not one single arrest.  Pretty cool time. Just wanted to share.


The story was even featured on the news on several stations. So instead of performing for a few thousand people inside the Hall, the choir got to perform for many, many more thousands, maybe even millions!”


I loved this story.  My sister Dawna commented on how powerful the spirit of kindness and love was there.  “The gospel music they sang brought such a different feeling into the atmosphere.  People were kind and helpful instead of looting and hurtful.  It was a powerful thing to witness.”  We all have that kind of power to change the world around us.  If we only learn to use it.  Starting with a thankful heart is a being we can all share.  Here’s

Oooops.  I couldn’t get the chart to upload.  Email me at shawna3081@gmail.com and I will send you the chart.

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