Everything can be fixed

everything can be fixed


This week our question concerns a young man almost 21.  He has been drinking alcohol since the age of twelve.  He’s experienced withdrawal on three different occasions.  All three were on family vacations.  He spent his trip confined to a hotel room.  His holiday instead of being a relaxing getaway he spent sweating, with fevers and chills, tremors, vomiting, and headaches.  Then depression set in and he couldn’t wait to drink again.  The question is how can he be fixed?  To this question, I gave a link https://addictionrecovery.churchofjesuschrist.org/?lang=eng   This link gives information on recovery programs.  It also has stories of people who struggle with the same types of things.  It is so nice to know that you are not alone.  That there is a support system out there and people have overcome the same types of obstacles.  It is possible!

It is essential that he gets help.  His body no longer knows how to function without the drug.  However, it can be fixed!  It could take a lot of time, work, and continual maintenance. But he can have a life without alcohol.  Here is the story I wrote for him. (He’s a mechanic.)

picture everything can be fixedThere was a young man who loved his car.  He loved that it took him where he wanted to go.  He loved the way the wind felt on his face when his windows were down.  Loved the music it could sing to him through its radio.  He loved the way the engine purred.  It was his most prized position.  At first, he made sure he kept his tank full, washed all the dirt and scum away weekly, daily he admired its glow.  Life got busy, so much to do.  Soon the weekly washings only happened twice a month and the tank, it was good at half full, he’d fix it’s problems next week, all will be well.  But, life just kept getting busier… A little dirt wouldn’t hurt if he cut back on the washings he’d have time for other things.   The tank, it wasn’t empty he knew exactly how many miles it could go.  A few more he was sure.  And when his car ran out of gas and left him stranded on the side of the road.  He got out, kicked the tires, and yelled why?  Why won’t my car take me where I need to go?  I can no longer feel the wind on my face.  The music it stopped, 30 miles ago, it no longer shines, there’s nothing left to admire. He walked away from the car angry frustrated…. Oh, that car is a pile of junk, never was any good.  And that’s all he could remember.  And wondered why his frustration seemed to stay.

dude your car will run again. i'll call for help friend.Each time this young man pushes himself a little further and a little harder.  Just a few steps away from help.  Now he’s kicking himself thinking he is no longer worth anything.  All the dreams he has dreamed stuck on the side of the road.  His tank full of hope is exhausted.  He needs to hand over the keys, have it towed to the mechanics, and learn once again how to take care of that car. (or the body that once helped him fulfill all his dreams.)

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