Twelve Steps

The question I am answering is from a young girl struggling with drug addiction.


I had a couple of people help me answer this.  But I would like to share a personal experience from my own life.

A long time ago… yet stored within her adult mind as if it were just yesterday, a confused, filthy, tired, drug-addicted 7-year-old stood before her teacher.  Not just a teacher but, a hero, a small prized verbal fighter, and a friend.  The first adult friend she had ever had.  The first person to stand up to her biological mothers’ outrageous excuses.  The first person to hold her face gently in her cupped hands and rationalize with her.  The first person that said things that aligned perfectly with the way her own conscious had been trying to dictate.  “Stop taking these pills.  They will destroy you, Shawna.”  Her brown eyes plead firmly with the ragged little blonde-haired girl before her who, without words, was asking for her noon pill.

This entire time the little girl was told that she needed those pills, because of her nightmares.  There was a small part of her that actually liked those pills.  They helped her go to sleep.  She knew with them she would sleep through all the times that the monsters in her nightmares, the ugly dark ones that hurt little kids and came out at night.  It didn’t matter that in the morning the pain was there testifying of what the monsters had done and they were in fact real. Her biological mother denied it.  And simply gave her small daughter her morning pill with that and her noon pill they would make the abused girl wake up.  And her mouthy daughter wouldn’t care about the pain.  She’d stop telling her teachers about the monsters in her home.

The little girl listened to her wise teacher.  And never willing took another pill.  Though they were prevalent in her home and a quick fix was readily available to her.   She refused to let them create a monster of her like they had made of her mother.  With the help of positive non-drug addict friends, she used 12 steps to keep her away from any desire to have a quick fix.












A good friend of mine who asked to remain nameless said to me about her addiction and where is started. “Shawna, I have always been depressed.  It seemed nothing I did stopped it.  I discovered when I took pain pills when I wasn’t in pain, they made me happy.”  She went on to tell me that she was taking up to 15 pills a day when she finally realized she needed help.  The only way she was able to conquer her addiction was receiving the medical attention she should have gotten years earlier.  It was through a lot of counseling and medical help, with her depression, that she finally found the strength to win.

shelbie (2)Another friend of mine, (This is her) who happens to be my daughters’ best friend since 3rd grade, sent me the quote and picture below,  I loved it and thought it could help with those of you struggling with any kind of addiction.






Here’s what she sent me.  After her and her companion had been hiking this enormous staircase.  That consisted of 2,744 steps.

2,744 steps closer to heaven. 

steps mission shelbie

2 Corinthians 4:18: while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporal and the things which are not seen are eternal. 


Just like how faith are things which are hoped for and not seen don’t become discouraged by the things we cannot see. For the things that we can see are the things of this earth. But we are looking for the things not of this earth and even though we cannot see them, doesn’t mean they are not there! Heaven is for real. Keep striving and keep pushing on! This is a lot of what I experienced today doing the incline. We couldn’t see the top but we knew it was there. so we just had to keep going no matter how many times I wanted to stop. no matter how many times we want to stop we have to keep going because the view is amazing (:  

I loved what she said!  This is so true with all the steps forward we take.  We can’t always see the end result but when we reach our goals the view is always beautiful.

This is a great video.

12 steps to change video

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