How do I move forward? It’s been years and I feel stuck in the past.

One step…, one door…, one opportunity at a time.

don't hide behind your doors of opprotunity step through them

The Question I had this week:  How do I move forward? It’s been years and I feel stuck in the past.  On behalf of the person asking this question I will affirm that It is hard not to get mentally trapped behind that dark doors of your past regardless of how old you get, there could even be times when you feel like. ‘I have moved way past it.’ And suddenly the haunting memories can come creeping back into your life…. The important part here is to not get discouraged.  If you can slip back into the shadows, you can most certainly progress again into the light. *Remember* you’ve done it before.

In answer to the above question, I would like to share one of my favorite stories. It’s about one of the first abused little girls whom I was blessed to work with.  Today 20 years later, she is a successful, kind, loving mother with a wonderful husband, and one of my dearest friends.  But her life started out as dark as the inside of the door above.

These are her words.  “I was born into an abusive laboratory that produced methamphetamine.  Nurturing and children really had no place in my parent’s sad life.  I took care of my siblings behind locked closed doors, the best I could. I was alone and afraid, but miracles did happen,

and angels do come.  Mine was in the form of a police officer, who busted down our locked front door.  Taking me and my siblings, with only towels wrapped around us. (Our clothes were kept and put into evidence).  With only each other, the kind officer guided open door bright wordsus through a very different door. A few smiling inviting faces waited just on the other side. It was bright, and it was strange in a good sort of way. A couple days later a kind lady came walking through that same door, many wonderful people walked through that door.  This lady sat on the floor beside me, looking kindly in my eyes.  She explained to me all about the life that she too was forced to live.  Explaining that she understood how dark and ugly life behind locked doors could be.  The best part about this lady’s visit is the message she brought.  She explained how she broke free and how I could too.  That I could create my own doors to escape through if I was boxed into one, that I didn’t like.  And she was there to show me how I could do just that.”

“Do you want to learn?” She asked.

Of course, I said “yes,”  then she asked with a kind smile on her face.  For me to tell her all the things I would like to learn to do. Not knowing what this had to do with doors I listed some things.  The piano was the first.  I would love to play soccer and tennis would be cool…. anything I wanted to learn she kept encouraging me to list.  Then asked if I could choose one to start with, what would it be?  I chose piano.

“Ok, you can start on Monday.  We have a lady right around the corner who will be your teacher.  And all that it will cost you is some hard work and lots of practice.  Do you have that to give?”

goals better

“She didn’t actually hand me a key She explained it as something I would hold in my heart.  So, when I feel like I wanted to give up, and you surely will want to, we all do at times. But you’ll have your keys of success that your hard work has earned.  Keys of the skills you have acquired during your lessons.  The key of Knowledge

doors of opprotunitythat experience has given you.  You are never alone, this key will be constantly around you, angels will be your constant companions.  Prayers can be heard in front and behind doors, that is a universal key that unlocks every door. The keys of self-respect, no one can take that from you.  Each key that you earn will help you unlock the doors to your future that you aspired to. You’ll possess what you need to unlock all the many doors of opportunity that setting and achieving goals will put before you.” This kind lady shared truth’s she had learned.

I did not grow up to be a grand piano player.  But it was a start of learning the power of setting goals and achieving them.  The power that you can give to yourself.

acheive angels you are never aloneThe kind lady said, “If you can accomplish one thing that seems almost too big, then you’ve learned the impossible is possible.  Keep a prayer in your heart, angels will abide.  They will send you the help that you need.  The doors of your future can be bright and successful. My dear little friend.


And only you will be able to unlock the doors of opportunity in front of you with the keys to success we will teach you and you will learn.

jesus-at-the-door-39617-galleryThe most important concept I would like to share with you today is there will be many doors put before you.  But you must have the courage to open them.  Even Our Savior cannot force his way in.  He stands at the door and knocks.  He longs to help you.  Open the doors to the paths you long to be on.

Behold I stand at the door and knock

keys to success

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