Change the course of your storms

week 20 blizzard part of blog

A neighbor woman, who’s daughter was also our friend, was watching us trudging along with no boots and light jackets.  She offered a ride knowing our mother was passed out from her late party the night before. We gladly accepted hearing her whisper with concern, “Those poor girls, don’t have a chance in this life.”

Fortunately for us we did not believe that.  Yes, our mother was like the wild trees misleadingly growing outside of the grove, howling like an angry wind and beating her own ground.  But, there were plenty of people all around us who stood tall through the storms.   Guiding and leading us, many without even knowing they were.  Their examples lead us to easier paths.  We watched them and learned  taking faithful steps, planting our feet in the same ground a place where plenty of nutrients were found.

don't let your future define youThrough them I discovered the scriptures. The New Testament, the Old Testament, The Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.  Within their pages Prophets tell of success stories and how they came through their storms (trials).  Giving us all the promises if we follow their words, we too can stand strong, being a part of the grove, not effected at all by the wild trees we were born to.  We have the power to prune our own trees, plant seeds in fertile soil, and be a part of an eternal grove. Know the blizzards will still bite.  But, link yourself tight to the words of the prophets and you’ll end up alright.

One of my favorite scriptures is the tree of life Where Alma, a Book of Mormon prophet, compares a seed unto the word of God.  your can find it on this link.

6 thoughts on “Change the course of your storms

  1. I think of you and Dawna all the time as people who show that you can be whatever you want to be. We choose. We can control our own lives. I love how you have overcome your trials!!! 💜

  2. Excellent analogy. You continue to grow into an amazing Author of details from your own life. which will help others to overcome their own trials of Life. You have came through a terrible Storm but I Love your example of your Strength Through your Adversity.

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