The Diabetic Chick and Depressed Rooster

The Diabetic Chicken and the Depressed Rooster.

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There was a know-it-all Hen, who thought it was my way or no way.  No one gave her any gruff when her feathers would puff.  She was always the douse clucking orders in the hen-house.  “Eat your beets… no more treats.  Plants and bugs that’s all you eat.  Take no pills  it’s a not part of our meals.”

“But, she’s sick,” The mother-hen scratched at the baby chickwater pick.  Fear stuck in her crop for the flop in her chick.   “She drinks and she drinks I fear if I blink she’ll fall in a wink and sink deep to sleep.  The farmer he claims, ‘ It’s type 2 sad chickendiabetes, we must be speedy the meds should be our aim.

Hen fluffed her feathers, puffed out her chin, as she huffed.  “Doctors, what do they know?  Chicken’s don’t need meds.”

She marched up to the old rooster who needed a boost in his roost.  His sadness would not leave no reprieve could he see.  He’d lost his mate, such a fate with great weight.  No smile could lift his trial.  It’d been quite some while, since dark bile filled his heart leaving his life in a pile.  With head bowed, he vowed the dreaded cloud would soon fall for he no longer had strength to be unbowed.  Except when he slept his dreams would intercept so an isolated corner is where he was kept……




no shame mental illnessWhile reading this, there is probably not one of us that would argue that a type 2 diabetics most certainly does need his/her insulin (meds).  But too many times have I heard people ignore the severity of clinical depression.  I absolutely believe in positive affirmations.  I know without a doubt we have the power within us to change our lives.  However, using the power of reason within you is also essential.  Some people just need a little bit more help and it is ok to recognize that it is part of the healing process.  There are times and for some it has been since birth that their brains do not produce the right amount of chemicals for them to have a normal functioning life… The Lord has blessed us with medication and doctors that can help with these debilitating diseases.  As well as he has blessed those whom have diabetes because their bodies do not produce the right amount of insulin.  They can eat a healthy diet, exercise…. And all those things will certainly help their disease.  As well as those with mental illness, Positive affirmations, exercise and choosing to get up and press forward will without a doubt help.  But, in no way should you believe that if you are doing all of these things and the dark clouds never seem to lift that you are failing.  Go further and get the help that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with.  And finish your story…..


pet vet….. The mama bird clucked loudly for the help of Mrs Pluck, the farmers favorite pet, who was also a vet.  Surely, I bet she was as smart as a vet.  For she did not fret, or let ignorance threat.  Quickly she sket the hen, getting her wet, from her bad bet.  Help was indeed needed to get health in great wealth.  Harmony sang in soft peeping bangs, after the flock taught the cock and a creed went through the block.  Help would come now around the clock to all of the flock.

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