All things are possible when you have the knowledge of who you are.

All things are possible when you have 1-5-19 your happily ever after make the changes inside to see something differnt in the mirrorthe knowledge of who you are.











The question this week I was asked to answer is…. how did I end up in such a good marriage?

Facing your own personal demons is an absolute must in order to fulfill the dreams you dream for yourself.  My dream was to have a happy, peaceful home, where children were loved, and maybe a dog in the backyard.  I didn’t believe this was possible.  But, others had it.  So what was stopping me?  I had to tell myself this and I ask that you tell yourself the same.

When you find yourself in a cycle of self-destruction, you start off with the best of intentions setting goals and seeing them so close that you can almost taste the victory in them.  “Life is going to be different for you this time.”  We have all told ourselves this.  But, do you end up making the same mistakes over and over again?  If you do, it is essential to ask yourself, “What demons (fears, weaknesses…) are within me that cause me to make such destructive choices in my life?  What is it that haunts me that is keeping me from the reality I know could be mine?”

Relationships are great examples of destructive cycles.  It is so easy to look at the other person you are in the relationship with (friends, spouse, family….) and say,  “It is their fault, they hurt me.”  One thing we must remember in achieving our life goals is, we cannot change the choices or actions of others.  We can only change our own.  Do you find that your relationships with others is constantly contentious?  Are you the one that consistently has a partner that cheats on you?  Are you addicted to worldly substances?  If so, ask yourself, “Why?  Why am I making these choices?”

brroken lives can be fixedIt is essential to look in the mirror.  The reflection looking back at you is the only one who has the answers for you.  Ask yourself, “Am I starting the contention?  Perhaps you are not the one starting it but, if you choose to stay within it’s deceptive grasps you are a part of it.  You are the only one with the power to step out of it.  If you are the cause.  Take a step back, do some self-evaluating, and find out why something made you mad.  And fix that trigger within you that ignites the flame of anger.

Are you the person that finds yourself in abusive or cheating relationships?   (which by the way are one and the same?)  I think we all go through a faze of liking the bad boy/or mean girl.  But, some of us learn and move on.  If you are the one that doesn’t seem to learn and just stays or leaves only to find yourself in a relationship that ends exactly the same, ask yourself why.  I can tell you all things in life have a law of attraction.  You attract exactly what you think you are worth.  For me I had to pinpoint my own personal demons.  I was hurt by those I loved most at the most tender time in my life.  I truly believed I was not lovable.  I believed what I was taught by my caregivers.  When I took the time to stop looking outward for a solution and took a good long glance inward I found the problem.  ME.   I believed the lies.

However, my guardians didn’t love anyone.  It wasn’t just me.  It was them, their choices and nothing I did or said could change the choices they chose to make.  When I discovered that truth, I went through a deep depression, it was difficult because I desperately wanted the love they did not offer.  It was difficult to reshape old habits and retrain the way I thought about myself and the world around me.  But, once I realized one thing.  I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD.  I am a princess of the most high king.  I am worth the love I have to give.   When I stopped trying to change others and just worked on ME.  I began to attract others that believed the same way.  Not only that, but I began to be attracted to those who freely offered love.

i am a daughter of godI tell you with all the love of my heart.  As a son or daughter of GOD.  Which you are.  YOU have the ability to attract exactly what you dream of.  Rather it be freedom from addiction, freedom from contention, or just to be loved.  You may have to fix some things within your own heart and ask yourself some deep depressing questions but, once they are answered you will find the strength to travel the road that leads to your happily ever after.

All things are possible when you have the knowledge of who you are.


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  1. I like this. I think so much of the ideaology of our day say that we can’t change; they claim we are victims of our circumstances and our natures. I don’t believe that. We can do amazing things.

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