The CHRIST-mas Nails

The Christ-mas Nails

CHRIST-mas Nail

Dawna and I also found nails in the crawl space.  The interesting thing about these nails is that they are not nails that they would have been used in construction during the 1970’s they would not be part of a remodel or from the original structure.  Yet another piece of evidence.

Perhaps it’s the time of the year but, I could not help but think about the symbolism in my own life between the nails we found in the crawl space and the nails that hung our dear Savior on the cross.  Both nails were used by wicked people.  To imprison or do harm to innocent victims.  These symbolic nails of adversity and hardships are scattered throughout all our lives. The first nail in Christ’s life was his humble birth.manger

For Christ, there was no room in the inn. But, a lowly manager held together with nails, that was all the world had to offer him that night.  He laid his sweet head, breathed his first breath within a stable constructed with nails.

John, my stepfather, constructed a life full of nails aimed always at others.  There was no room in his heart for the Savior.

pictures-of-crosses-jesus-1127718-gallery - CopyOur Saviors life, he who lived to serve and teach others ended with nails.  They pierced his hands, wrists, and feet.  The wicked horrid decision by the men of that time.   Meant to mock, murder, and destroy all that he was. His death was not for him.  He was perfect.  He did it for each of us who have had people, circumstances, and situations in our lives with nails that are piercing and painful.  Scars undoubtedly come from these wounds.

christ handYet, the scars they left on our dear Savior, the scars life’s nails leave on us, are there to stand as a testament against them.  For in the end their nails, though not piercing us any longer will still stand against them.  We shall rise above the puncture wounds to our hearts.  If we allow the Savior to heal them.  Believe he will, believe he can.  Though we all carry scares they can strengthen and build character while condemning the abusers who never found room in their hearts for him who was sent to save us all.  No injustice in this life is permanent.  No sin that can’t be forgiven if we but ask for forgiveness and make room in our hearts for him….this gift is intended for all even for the abusers who were perhaps once victims themselves.  I have literally counseled with abusers this is a direct quote from one, “Shawna, I beat my children, my children beat their children and my mother beat me.  But, after I read your story I realized I can break this cycle.  The abuse will stop now with my grandchildren.”  She found room in her heart for the Savior and I have no doubt that the atonement is as much for her as it is for me and you.

A crushing sense of defeat and despair must have enveloped his disciples as Jesus suffered and died on the cross and his body was placed lifeless in the tomb.  The dark evening of his crucifixion was soon followed by his resurrection.  Unmeasurable grief replaced by overflowing happiness.

Each of us have scars we carry from this life but, I know as surely as the scriptures testify that those scars will testify at the end of this mortal journey of the person you are and the things you have overcome.  It’s a short journey.  What a comfort for those who have been disadvantaged in this life, to know that there is a purpose in our journeys.

“The Prophet Joseph Smith used the testimony of the Saviors death, burial, and resurrection as the fundamental principle of our religion, saying that all other things are only appendages to it.” (1)  Regardless of the nails, we have had in our lives, or the scars left from them, remember there is a purpose in your journey.

(1) Resurrection


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