Friends a diggin’ all my thanks!

I wanted to share with you today some news that could be very exciting. One of my friends did some digging into the Oklahoma County Accessor’s office. This week’s blog will be a short one but, I am full of amazement, and very excited today with the direction of our case. I have met so many wonderful people and have grown to love them all. I can’t believe the amount of help that I am getting from people I hardly know. My friend looked up the current homeowner’s name and past owners and or business names which are public record. She has found some names associated with the homes registered owners and deeds over the last 40 years that she thinks may link the home to my stepfathers’ children. For instance, the man who owns the house right now has the last name Wright. My oldest stepsister’s last name is Wright. She also found a Brown and a Robinson that have once owned the house. Those are also last names that my other step sister has gone by. She is going to do some more digging for me to find out more information. Meanwhile, I am going to give my stepsister a call and ask her. If in fact, they have ties to the house, then there is a very good likelihood that we will be able to dig. All of us siblings got along when we lived together. Here’s a picture.

ok fam

Boy pictures are deceiving. Looks like a normal family

All of us got along well enough expect Dusty. He was a very disturbed boy and for our own safety, we kept clear of him. Or as far away as possible (that’s a story for another day.) Top right Troy Olson, far right middle is Debbie Marr, and Dawna is sitting on her lap on the far right. Middle row is Dusty Olson and John Marr Jr. Who now goes by the name of Julius. Far left upper corner is Jackie Marr-Wright. Me next with Cindy Marr- Brown- Robinson on the bottom left. Oh… I hope this is true and they find it in their hearts to find the truth!

Oh and Thank you so much for your support!

me heart

I was just telling Neil how thankful I am and how much I love so many people! This picture cracked me up because I pulled my legs up like I always do and it looks like my knees are a heart. Thought It was totally appropriate for all the thanks and love I feel in my heart for you!

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