Description of the kidnapped children

Hi everyone, I love you so much for caring enough to read this.

It has been a very busy week tons of questions. But, ones that need to be asked. First let me tell you I have never gotten into social media. I didn’t understand it and didn’t care to take the time to learn. But, now I am loving social media. Crazy never thought I would say that. But, it has helped so much. I have actually gotten the attention of people that may be able to help me and those little children. Which brings so much hope to me. Without the communications we have through social media channels I could not and would not have ever met so many wonderful people in the state of Oklahoma! The people in Oklahoma are so wonderful. Yet, another thing I never thought I would say. Growing up if you just said the word Oklahoma to me, so many bad memories would come flooding back I would just cringe and categories the entire state with just the horrid memories I had. Now when you say Oklahoma to me, my shoulders square, I stand a little taller with more hope and a lot less overwhelmed from the weight of my past. Because of the great people I have met.
One of the questioned asked was if I had a description of the children and where they were from. These are the memories I have of them.

John, my stepfather, had one of these hanging.

dream catcher

He had chicken wire up along the walls to hold back the dirt and hung up an image that looked like the above picture. There were times I literally had nothing else to look at for days, so trust me when I say I have this image seared into my memory. He also had a map of Oklahoma up next to it with the same kinds of marks along the roads and highways. He would rock back and forth for hours and chant “7,7,7,7,7,…” When we were driving to get one of his victims he would rock while holding the steering wheel, pushing on the gas, and gazing, like in a trance, through the windshield, he would chant “7,7,7,7,7,7,…” We were always traveling on a highway that was a hwy 7 or added up to a 7. He believed that number to be some kind of sign talking to him. Instigating his every move. I believe his victims were children taken from these points shown in the bigger knots of the dream catcher he had hanging. Which would tell us what part of Oklahoma the children were taken from.

Here is a description of the children the best that I remember them.

1. The one that I know is still down in that crawl space: He had short dark black hair. Dark brown eyes with gold flecks. When he was taken he was chubby. He was shorter than me. I was 7 he had to have been close to that age. He was bouncing a ball in the front yard. The boy that was watching him was talking on the phone he spoke Spanish, and went inside. We had been there for hours. Our car was in the front of their house and John was ‘fixing’ the broken down car. I remember looking at the little boy thinking, it would be fun to play with him. He was happy and had a lot of energy. John called him by the name of Miguel. I honestly don’t know if that was a made up name.

2. The next girl I remember John called her by the name of Stacy. She was taken at a small airport. Her father and mother were drug addicts who had partied with my step-family and mother. She had long kinda frizzy red hair. Not bright red. She had sad green eyes. Taller than me. And bigger built than the other kids I knew that were 7.

3. Another girl that I remember her having a softball uniform on and a backpack with a bat coming out of it. She had long sandy blonde hair more sandy than blonde. Light brown eyes. A lot bigger than I was and the other 7 year old kids I knew.

4. There was an oriental girl that spoke very broken up English. She was playing on the playground with me. She had a pretty smile but we couldn’t really understand each other. She had black silky hair that was just above her shoulders. And dark eyes.

5. Another little girl that John called Dolly. She had black skin. Light green and brown eyes. Really tight curly black hair that went just below her ears. She was about my size.

6. Another little boy that John called Linquest. He was tall and skinny. Light complicated. Light brown hair. Sad light brown eyes. He was playing in the corner of a yard by himself.

7. The last one he took was my friend. She went by the name of Candy. She had long blonde hair with soft curls. She had green blue eyes. She was my size. The nicest person I had ever known. She came up to the car because she saw me and thought it was safe. She was living in Edmond but her family was military I believe. I remember her dad or someone that she really loved wearing a military uniform a lot.

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