A true foundation

walls crumble


While studying my scriptures this morning, (1) I felt like the Lord had the prophets record this section just for me. To see the parallels from what I wanted to share with you today, to what the Nephites were going through at that time. They were fortifying their cities. Building their faith on the foundation of the gospel. The ingredients to that foundation being the word of God, or the commandments. They mixed all those ingredients with Love truth, light, kindness, and built up a fortification against all the storms or wars the Lamanites brought up against them. And nothing the Lamanites did could destroy them. Interestingly though the building of these fortified walls did not stop the downpour of anger against the Nephites. However, it did prepare them to face the storms that would inevitable rage against them. Because they built their walls on a sure foundation, they were prepared for their enemies and defeated the blood thirsty Lamanites.
When we went down into that crawl space, 32 years after we moved from Oklahoma, we found pieces of boards and plaster. The very foundation upon which John had built his life, lies, hate, anger, frustration. Torn apart by the very waters he let loose in covering up his life of darkness when he broke the main water line. He himself destroyed the weak foundation he had built when he lived in that dark dirty hole.
The interest thing about these two different foundation are amazing to me. I remember when I first joined the Church. (Seems like 100 years ago) One of the biggest disputes from people about the Book of Mormon was the fact that it talked about cement and there was no proof that the ancient people of America were ever that advanced. Today that comment would sound absurd for we now know that there are walls and ancient ruins that have been uncovered from beneath the earth that date 1000’s of years back, constructed with cement. (2)
So you see lies, deceit, hate are all part of a vicious cycle of destruction those who are a part of it continue to destroy. Whereas truth, honesty, and Love will forever stand. The lies about there never being a crawl space… Revealed…. The lies about the items we found in the crawl space being a part of a remodel… Revealed as lies that will not stand the test of truth….
Plaster was not used after World War II, 1945, it was more cost effective to construct homes from sheetrock. The home we lived in was built in the early 1970’s Never would there have been nor was there any plaster in that house. Unless, someone brought it in. Brought it in bag by bag, mixed it in their hide out and built walls made of plaster and small boards which could also be brought in through smaller openings. Big sheets of sheetrock would have been difficult to get down into a 3’ x 3’ hole and would have disintegrated from the moisture of the dirt surrounding it. However, bags of plaster could have easily been brought down. By a remodel NO. But, from an existing structure built in tight confined quarters YES. John’s small prison for children. They must go look.

plaster 1

(1) Alma chapter 49 in the Book of Mormon
(2) Meridian magazine; Latter-day saints shaping their world. November 7,2018 edition Https://ldsmag.com

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