They shall cry from the dust.

Because of the bonds of friendships that I have with great people, I now realize that the Lord has sent me angels not just from the other side of the veil. But, in the form of Friends and Family whose actions are often times guided by an unexplainable force so much stronger than ourselves. I’ve had helping hands along the way. Even in my darkest of hours, the seeds of hope and faith for a better life that were planted in me by every kind deed others did for me. They grew and the light that radiated from them burst within my own heart. I’ve been blessed to do a lot of kind deeds. But, what I know haunts me. I can’t just sit back and say I have done enough. For it’s as if their sweet voices, those I saw murdered, beckon me from the grave to do what I can, do a little more. Tell them where we are and they will find others. Let’s share this and remind the Edmond Oklahoma Police department that they need to go into that house (see video) and just look. Who knows how many people’s lives we can lift when they actually do.
I came across this scripture today. And found it very fitting for the plea I am sending your way. “…For they shall cry from the dust…,” (1) I am crying out for those whom are beneath the dust, and cannot speak any longer for themselves. Please Share this. I’ve come to realize that even the simple click of the keypad, a like, and a Share can literally change the world. Let’s do it together. All you whom have been among the angels in my life.

(1) Either 8:24 The Book of Mormon

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