The rock of my Happiness

Why should I be happy when

the world doesn’t….­­­­­­cropped-rock-of-my-salvation-final2.png

Seem to offer me any?   Well, in the darkness behind the light is a past full of abuse, pain, and sorrow. (I was living with my birth mother and her husband at the time.) The light began to ascend upon me when I discovered the Rock of my happiness. (My dad and my new mommy gave me the protection I needed.)  I’ve been asked many times how I overcame the anger, frustration, and loneliness associated with such a life.  How did I become the happy person I am today?….

If you could for a moment imagine life in front of you as a continual staircase.  We can stay stagnant on the step we are currently on, we can fall backwards, or we can climb upward.  Either way, life will move forward.  In which direction we go is up to us and only us.  I can in no way say that it has been an easy journey for me.  I’ll openly admit that I have tumbled backwards so hard it seemed to have knocked some sense into my stubborn heart.  I have also sat stagnant mostly from the fear of moving forward and what lay in wait for me there.  But, when I decided to be brave enough to step up into the unknown, onto the next step, it’s always been worth it.  There are no guarantees that we won’t be exhausted in our journeys, absolute no guarantees that the people around us aren’t going to make bad choices that directly affect us in a negative way.  What I want to share is that we can move forward regardless of what has happened behind us or what rages all around us.  And I can say with 100% of my heart that after I took my first steps to freedom it has been a happy journey for me despite my trials.  Don’t miss understand I’m not happy 100% of the time.  We are here to experience all feelings.  But, my life is wonderful and I laugh daily with my husband and partner.

The day I braved the storm and stepped out of my birth mothers home, and decided my life needed to change I was seven years old.  Yes, I know that is young.  But, we are all born fighters.  And if we are trained well we will defeat all our individual battles.   How my training started will be my next post.  But, first I’m going to ask a favour of you all, think for a moment.  Do we want our lives to change?  We can decide now that we do.  Decide in which direction we want our staircases to lead.  And I’ll tell you in my next post how I at age seven found unstoppable strength.

I love you all!!!  Thanks for your support! I look forward to hearing your success stories.

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